How to Get More Engagement on Your Instagram Profile?

Do you own an Instagram profile?

Want to have much stronger engagement with users on your Instagram profile?

For driving the potential engagement on this platform, there are many things which you can do to enhance your profile’s visibility for getting comments, likes, and followers.


Following are the few top tips which can help you in getting your Instagram profile engaged:

  1. Make a post strategically:

Many of the aspects of the business are dependent on the time, and the efforts you make for the Instagram marketing work in the same way. It is quite tough to tend and achieve more followers if they are not active on Instagram while you make the post.

Firstly, you should consider about few obvious things, out which many people forget to think about is the active time zone of their targeted audience. If you belong to the San Francisco but the core number of your follower’s base lives in New York, then the difference of three hours between two states can play very important role as users scroll down in their feed during the morning and may miss a lot from you.

  1. Link your profile with social media channels:

Being one of the largest social media networks, Instagram offers the best marketing tools which assure the formation of the best link between this platform and other social media networks.

Obviously, you can’t quit on working or focusing the efforts you do in anywhere else. However, there is one way you can do for integrating the marketing techniques with various social media networks: cross-posting between different social media account. You can make use of the basic social networks for encouraging the traffic on Instagram.

  1. Use relevant hashtags:

One of the greatest ways to make your profile stand out on the Instagram is to use hashtags and get many people follow your account. Hashtags can aid in organizing as well as categorizing your photos or videos, which helps in the procedure of content search. Be sure that you use the relevant hashtags to make users able to reach the correct content.

For instance, the company which makes cupcakes should include the hashtags which mention the major services of the company like #food, instead of using the words related to technology or any other niche.

  1. Consider about the call to action:

The call to action can tell the followers in an exact way that what you actually need them to do. Using Instagram can bring up many choices which can be creative – either you can add a call to action in the caption of photos or make the images by using the built-in the text.

You can also try posting the pictures of the products and tell your followers to double click on the post to get more info. You can also ask them to tag any of their friends or any close follower.

  1. Caption length:

With the help of Instagram, some people can share photos by using long lengths of the words. You can include up to 2000 characters in any of your post for making the captions, but you don’t have to touch the limits always. Try something new each time.

For instance, the post has the detailed illustration of a weekend project including the photo. The caption of the picture must have the unique way to tell about the project which should not have more than 1200 characters and eventually get more than 50k likes for sure.

  1. Play with your captions:

Being the picture sharing platform, Instagram allows you to display your visual content along with the feature of illustrating the picture in words. The short captions are just fine to use but you can experiment various ways to make your followers attracted to your profile.

Don’t underestimate the power of words. Most of the successful marketing campaign includes the combination of photos and influencing words.

Wrap Up

Having over 700 million active users, Instagram is making its way to attract large companies for gathering huge follower base by inducing the strong engagement with their audience on the profiles.

For getting success on Instagram, try to remain committed to posting an innovative picture with interesting captions and relevant hashtags. In this way, you can propel to the success of gathering many followers.

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