6 Myths of VPN you must know to get Proper Security 

A VPN which means a Virtual Private Network is your connection to the internet with the help of a server controlled by the Virtual Private Network Provider. Using a VPN service with a modem router makes a person feel safe about their data being transferred as the VPN servers are known to be encrypted. Earlier people used to feel suspiciously doubtful about using Wi-Fi network for communication or other activities on the internet but now, thanks to the VPN it is not so and people are safely able to use the Wi-Fi networks to their advantage. For the best and optimum use of VPN, one can also refer to any VPN router guide.

VPN Myths

Not everybody understands the working if a VPN properly and hence there are many myths surrounding it. Let us have a look at them:

  1. It does not matter if the VPN is free or paid:

People usually are happy using things that are free of charge but when you apply that thinking while using a free VPN you are compromising the security and safety of your data being transferred through it. As the saying goes, if you are using something for free, then you are the product and it exactly applies to a free VPN user. While the IP address of the free VPN user is hidden, that is the only advantage the user derives from the use of a free VPN. They will have to face certain other restrictions like bandwidth trouble and slow speed. To top it off there is a continuous risk of your VPN provider logging into your browsing sessions and other personal information.

  1. Your internet connectivity directly suffers because of VPN:

Many people avoid getting a VPN provider due to the only reason which they believe is that it slows down their Internet connection. But this is a myth. The overall speed of the internet connection decides the speed of the VPN instead of being vice versa. If you are using a free VPN then, yes, your internet connectivity can have to face speed issues but it is not so with paid VPN’s. Another factor that can fiddle with the internet speed is the location of the VPN provider. To overcome this you can check with the location of the VPN servers of the provider before choosing its service.

  1. VPN’s are best suited for suspicious or illegal activities:

This is the most common myth circulating among VPN users as VPN provides the road to bypass the barriers and geographical restrictions set up by the government of other countries and hence the VPN user is free to perform any type of activity through its encrypted connection. But that is not all that a VPN provides and this should be known to all VPN users. This feature is highly beneficial to people who are privacy conscious and want their data and activities to remain safe.

  1. VPN is the protective shield against any sorts of virtual harm for the user:

This is a myth which when believed by the user can make him fall in lots of trouble if they tend to be careless. Even if you are using the services if the best VPN services provider you are still open to other virtual problems like viruses and phishing scams. Even though it is essential on the part of the service providers to produce certificates from trusted certificate authorities this is not base to believe that your account cannot be hacked by a professional hacker. Before accepting the services of a VPN service provider it is essential to understand the technology adopted by the VPN. A small tip will be to stay away from sites using SSL or TLS.

  1. It is ok to use any type of VPN:

It very much matters which VPN you use as not all VPN are the same. The basic point of difference is the encryption level where some use low-quality encryption and some are known to use industry leading secure encryption system. The main things which make up a good VPN are its various features like server locations, connectivity protocols and the price for its service. When the protocol is the issue SSL, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, any of these can work great for you. if you are worried about state level snooping then take care to acquire the services of a VPN provider which is not from your country.

  1. VPN’s are for the tech savvy only not for the common public:

Although setting up a VPN is not a child’s play it is not also as overwhelming as people think it is. Although it is a job not for everybody and needs a little understanding of the technical know-how it is not only for the tech savvy people but if other common people undergo training and make a little effort to understand the technicalities it can be easier for them.

Privacy is the main aspect of using a VPN but care should be taken in choosing the right VPN or you might end up disclosing data you were so keen at hiding.

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