iTechCode is participating on BlogEngage Guest Blogging Contest

Hi Readers, First of all I thank you all for supporting iTechCode from day one. We are going to submit our first Guest Article on BlogEngage Guest Blogging Contest title “7 Killer Tips to Write Content that Readers would Love to Read“ after a Successful 3 Months of iTechCode, I specially thank my partners Kuldeep […]

How To Turn Your Facebook’s Timeline Into Movie

Facebook’s Timeline Into Movie In today’s world, Facebook has been the most famous social networking site. By creating a profile on this website, you can enjoy the entertaining features of this website by just one click. You can search your old friends on this website and enjoy chatting with them. The Facebook website is providing […]

How to Get Old Start Menu Back in Windows 8

iTechcode already presented you about how to add shutdown and other options in windows 8 but those was Little tricky and Those methods won’t return back your Start Menu Icon. Here i found something interesting which may help the Windows 8 User’s to get their Start menu Icon back in windows 8 and easy shutdown […]

Tips to Secure your Blogger Blog from Hackers

The worst day of any blogger’s life would be the day on which his blog got hacked.  I recently got my blogger blog hacked and I am very disappointed by that incident from the past few days. I was really discouragedafter my blog got hacked. In fact, I could not write articles for the next […]

Top 10 Latest Laptops of 2012

Latest Laptops of 2012 Planning to buy a laptop this year? What to know which ones are worth your money and which ones aren’t? All you need to do is read this review on 10 latest laptops of 2012. Match your requirements with the specifications of these laptops and you would immediately know which one […]

How To Choose The Best Web Hosting Yourself?

Hosting is one of two things you need to have when starting a new blog. It is a place to store all your blog data, of course, hosting is very important. This is a factor affecting the development and evaluation of readers about your blog inthe future. Many bloggers lost many times to search the […]

Create Windows 8 Shutdown, Restart and Log Off Shortcuts/Tiles

Finding difficulties to shut down or restart computer in Windows 8? As well all know that Windows 8 doesn’t have start menu. It may be different for many users to shut down or reboot there PC without Start button. But we can create our own tiles in Windows 8 so we can easily restart and shutdown our computer once […]

Create Calculator in Android Programming

Create Calculator in Android Programming As we have already discussed about some of the basic GUI creation like Button and Clock in Android Programming. Now its time to Move ahead to some advanced and tricky codes. Today i have found the calculator name as “touch calculator”  and developed by the Ali Ozgur. He is the […]

Zooming Facebook Photos without clicking on it!

Very often you may come across some cool and exciting image shared by someone and when you see it, you may want to see it in its original size. But you feel too lazy to click on the image to open it in its full size. And yes you may feel lazy because it is […]

Check Safety of the Link before you click on it!

While surfing on the web you must have came across many exciting pictures, shocking news, funny videos and sometime awesome games links but before you click on these links to enjoy the games, pictures or videos; it is very important to ensure that the link you are about to click are safe or not because […]