How to start a Game Programming

Are you interested in games…!!!!

Is the game story and graphics wonders you…!!!

Do you want to know how these games are programmed and managed…!!!

So you will get all this in the series of this post and in beginning i am going post about the theoretical and conceptual knowledge about the games and graphics so that you will understand the concept and need to start a programming of game.

Hmmmmmm… is the graphics guys and i am sure you guys (if playing video games) then surely heard about or played out this famous game.

Well lets consider another one, the most famous and first professional competition game ever in the world.

Counter Strike… of the most famous and absolutely awesome game.

Well coming to point about the development, If you observe this then you might get that they are using “images” to manage the different views of the game… Yes it is, the game development is totally depend upon the images, like scenes, guns, player etc which is to be going to use in game.

So don’t worry if you are not so good in image manipulation, you will as soon as you gain your interest in game programming.

You can do a game programming in various high level languages like:

  • C Programming.
  • C++ Programming.
  • C# Programming.
  • Java Programming.
  • Win32 Api.
  • DirectX.
  • OpenGL (counter strike is made by this)

Well if you are new to programming and wanna learn java Programming language then please click here to move for Java tutorial.

Getting excited after watching this but hold your excitement cause i am not gonna start the coding, Just wanna explain you the basic steps to follow to gain the basic knowledge about games.(Most of doing mistake to directly start from programming and it results wastage of time)

To start a game development you should follow these steps:

Step1: Learn Programming languages.

Well you should aware about the programming languages and if you don’t then sorry this post is not for you 🙁 , Learn the programming languages like python, C, c++ and i prefer VB.NET and OpenGL combinations (industry using these like Ubisoft) .

There were many resources on net to learn the languages but i prefer the actual teaching class would help you alot and if you are familiar with languages then move to next step.

Step2: Learn some basic graphic operation.

The computer graphics is a field of computer science that deals with the storing the images in computer and manipulating it. So before moving to programming a game you should have some knowledge of basic graphics function like:

  • Rotation of object.
  • Creating 2d Box.
  • Little bit about flash.
  • Camera technology.
So these are some little thing and if you are computer science student(like me) and have did the little bit of computer graphic then move to next step.
Step3: Download and setup the tools.
 Well as i told you the game programming needs lot of image manipulation and creation and for doing that you can use two alternative methods.
  1. Create image on photoshop and in any editor and link to OpenGL.
  2. Use the specialized tool developed for game programming like Maya, 3dMax etc.
(The use of Maya and its tutorial will be post in this series so be patient)
Now for programming you can use many languages and you can download them from many sources.(and if not then shame on you you are going to be game programmer…………:))
Further the things that is rest is about setup and start coding , well this post is about the basic and you should have following material that i listed above to start the game development.
So in next post of this series i will blog about the initial of programming and a small project too.:)
Good bye.
Happy programming..!!!


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  1. Kuldeep @ Cool Tricks says:

    I am really a game freak! But never thought that creating would be too hard like learning languages and all….! Though, I learned something new and interesting from this post!

    • Yeah Kuldeep programming a game needs lot of skills included the image manipulation and various graphics terms..Thanks for liking the post and visiting our site.

  2. Sanjib Saha says:

    Great Article. Who the person in this world does not like games? Oh man! i love games. Great Post on gaming Programming is really a nice post. Shahid, Man you made gaming programming look very easy. Thanks for the article

  3. Osho Garg says:

    Thanks For Great Post. I Am Also Computer Science Student 🙂
    I Am Good In Computer Programming C, C++, Java And C#.