10 Best Apple iPad Accessories

The Apple iPad is a great device to manage your work on the move. However, as you might have realized by now, there are some constraints that limit the functionality benefits. With some of the must-have and really cool accessories for your iPad, you can build in some excellent features into your iPad. Browse through our list of the ten accessories that can enhance the value of your iPad and select the ones that make life convenient for you.


1. Cool cover for your iPad

This Smart Cover does not act merely as a protective case. It has been designed as an elegant companion of your iPad that adds a personal touch to your iPad on the exterior, just as your iPad is on the interior. The cover is thin and offers a perfect fit based on magnetic alignment. It has features to automatically get your iPad to wake or sleep. What is more, it is a convenient stand that helps while reading, viewing or typing.

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2. Camera connector

If you have the iPad Camera Connector, you can easily import photographs and video files from your digital camera by using the USB cable of the camera or directly from an SD card. Since standard image formats like JPEG, RAW, and SD and HD video formats are supported by iPad, you can easily view or edit images and video files on your iPad.

3. The Apple TV

This allows you to wirelessly stream the content on your iPad to your HDTV. This is remarkable since you can delight your friends with that fabulous movie, amazing new game, or your digital images.

4. Wireless Keyboard

This great accessory uses Bluetooth technology making it compatible with iPad providing you with the freedom of typing from the keyboard next to your iPad or from a convenient posture in your lap.

 5. Travel Adapter Kit

If you are a globe-trotter and want to free of worries of charging your iPad across multiple geographic regions, then the travel adapter kit is an essential accessory. This comes with a USB power adapter, dock connector to USB cable, and six AC adapter plugs which are compatible in nearly all countries.

6. Earphones with remote and microphone

As a music lover, you will find this cool iPad accessory as a necessary item in your kit. It allows you to enjoy the music your iPad easily and you can pause, rewind, forward or play with great convenience.

7. iPad Dock

The dock is a slim and elegant stand that acts as a platform for your iPad and accessories. You have convenient access to ports for synchronizing or charging. A compact way to keep your important and precious gadget that also looks great.

8. Digital AV Adapter

This adapter enables you to transmit your files on iPad screen to a much larger display screen, such as your high definition TV. There is also a built-in connector that charges your iPad while the files are being displayed. Now you can be free from tension that the battery might get run down midway during a presentation.

 9. Composite AV Cable

The composite AV cable allows you the flexibility of enjoying your iPad video on a large display screen with high volume stereo sound effects. It is ideal for making use of your TV or home theater system.

10. USB Power Adapter

The USB Power Adapter facilitates charge the iPad directly from an electrical outlet at distances upto 6 feet away.

If you really wish to make the best use of your iPad, then get hold of these accessories that can make life simple for you. In today’s world, connectivity and compatibility between gadgets is essential to enjoy the features offered by various devices. Accessorize your iPad today and feel the difference.

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  1. Ashwani Ahlawat says:

    Manual accessories are much liked by people. These 10 iPad accessories are really good. Wireless Keyboard and Earphones with remote and microphone have a full power for customers.
    I think you should also have to mention the Bluetooth Call Connector. Overall, all these accessories are awesome.

    • Amit Shaw says:

      Thank You Ashwani for stopping by and reading the article. I will take a note on Bluetooth Call Connector. Yes, indeed these accessories are truly awesome. I am glad you took time and commented on the post. Keep visiting.

  2. Naser @ Tech Blog says:

    These accessories look cool. Hope to win the new iPad in any of the giveaways as it is next to impossible for Asians to afford it.

    • Hello Naser,
      If you go with the price, then you are right, the price is quite high. But nothing in this world is Impossible. Well i ope you can win this in some giveaways. Good Luck!

  3. I tried an Ipad out for the first time the other day. It is a really cool tool to have. But I still love my laptop the most as it gives me the greater level of creativity.

    But as the Ipad grows in popularity, more people are going to want one.

    • Amit Shaw says:

      Haha David! Even i love my laptop too but will always prefer an iPad over laptop!!! thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Erik Emanuelli says:

    Hi Mate,
    thanks for the list, very useful for someone that need to purchase the iPad.

    I love Apple products, they are fantastic. And it is a shame we lost a visionary like Steve Jobs.
    He revolutionized tech industry and mobile phones. The Apple gadgets make our life easier and more pleasant. 🙂

    • Hi Erik Thanks for dropping your comment Mate.
      Apple Products is my all time Fav 🙂 Yeah you are right we lost a visionary like Steve Jobs. 🙁
      Keep Visiting.

  5. Sylviane Nuccio says:

    Hi Amit,

    Even though I am not a technology geek by any mean I do have a new client that request tech articles exlusively, so I can come to your blog and learn about it.

    Thanks for this great info.

  6. If we go to buy all these accessories its gonna cost more than an iPad for sure 🙂 .. Though its a nice list we can buy at least a few from these.

  7. My favourite accessory is probably Apple’s own SmartCover, although I also have their keyboard dock as well.

    I think there are some great accessories built for the iPad, it’s a shame I don’t have the money to buy more of them!

  8. prem pandit says:


    Really this are the Best Apple iPad Accessories and i am sure that Apple iPad users are really benefited from this post.