5 Underground Secrets You Don’t Know About Blogging

What are secrets?blogging-secrets

Secrets are lessons, tips, advices and strategies which have been hidden from you either by someone you know or by a stranger.

Secrets actually are no big deal. They’re simply what you don’t know. Most ideas we call secrets are so common, but since you don’t know it, you won’t take advantage of the benefits.

I hope to open your big eyes to the world of blogging and what you can achieve with it.

Note: These are the exact secrets probloggers and industry experts use to climb and remain at the forefront of their businesses. It’s guaranteed to work for you. Let’s dine together:

1. It’s Not About You

Have you read the “it’s not about you phrase” before? See, when you’re blogging, it has nothing to do with your academic qualifications and the numerous awards and achievements you’re acquired. If you truly want to grow and touch lives around the world, forget about you and immerse yourself wholly into readers’ life.

They’ve problems and they expect you to help them with helpful answers. That’s the first underground secret for building a profitable blog.

2. Blogging Is Hardwork

Is hardwork a secret? Yes, it is. Most bloggers don’t even know that to succeed in this competitive world, you need to put in extra efforts. Working hard as a blogger doesn’t have to scare you.

Most bloggers complain because, they’ve neglected their passion for something else. Even if blogging is hardwork, if you’re passionate about the subject or niche you’ve chosen, it’ll be fun and productive.

But don’t overlap issues and think you can sail smoothly without beating your heads, especially at the teething stage. Dedicate your time and zeal for blogging – it’s worth your every ounce.

3. Blogging Is a Business

What’s a business?

We’re so blind to the reality of starting a blog. We tend to forget that blogging isn’t just a marketing tool; it’s actually a real business. And as such, you need to organize it, manage the various arms and produce quality products.

Why most folks are not making enough money from their blogs are because, they’ve neglected to handle it as a business. They simply wake up every morning, think of an idea to blog about, and when nothing happens at the end of the month, they give up.

Pat Flynn, Darren Rowse, Brian Clark, Michael Chibuzor, David Risley and other great guys who have discovered this secret are growing in length and width. Blogging is not for unserious minds. If you’re not ready to invest time at creating excellent and exceptional contents, you had better look for a 9-5 job. Lol!

4. Blogging Is Free Advertising

Oh, I love this secret so much.

Blogging is a perfect platform to advertise your products and services. Most people do not sell from their blogs. Sorry, they actually do sell affiliate programs. And to this, I think they’re missing out real time.

Instead of wasting time trying to get $12 – $55 in commission from a single affiliate sale, why not turn your blog into a billboard to advertise your professional services? I strongly believe you could turn a profit within a short time if you begin to advertise what you do, instead of what others do (affiliate marketing).

No, I’m not saying affiliate marketing is a bad business model; all I’m saying is that you should consider “minding your business.” Savvy bloggers mind their businesses, newbie and money-conscious bloggers mind others’.

Don’t MissThe Secret of Blogging Successfully

5. Blogging Can Be Leveraged

The most powerful underground secret for bloggers is that you can leverage this very business to connect with the world. As a freelance writer, I’ve been featured at online magazines both offline and online. Several media sites and portals have interviewed me and more are still coming.

Thanks to blogging. Who would have imagined that a 23 year old writer could impact lives around the world with words? When you see blogging as a real business, only then can you leverage to make more money and build an empire.

You could as well turn your blog into a membership site and charge a fair subscription fee. Who doesn’t want extra income out of her business? Leverage is the master key. Get your blog to the level whereby the world would be delighted to work with you. Can you do that?

Blogging Squash!

Did you enjoy my 5 underground blogging secrets? I’m sure you now have a different mindset concerning blogging. Now, get started with the ideas. But before then, leave a comment and let me know what you think. Stay gracious and happy blogging.

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About Michael Chibuzor

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  1. Nice tips here MICHAEL. Well i have read many of your posts and this one is another great piece you have produced. I completely agree Blogging is a real hard work and needs a lot of hardwork, patience and determination to get success. You get results of your efforts after good amount of time. If you have the patience and the eagerness to win, then you will definitely become successful.
    But i would like to make a SERIOUS note: If you are not serious about blogging but want to earn, then it might not be easy. It will only be time waste and nothing else. There are some rules which you need to follow. If you follow the guidelines, you will definitely succeed.

    • Michael Chibuzor says:

      Thank you very much Amit for reading my posts. I’m grateful to you and your suggestion is welcome. Yes, we’ve to be serious about blogging if we want to earn.

  2. Rahul kuntala says:

    Hi Michael

    I loved reading your article. You’ve crafted it well, specially grabbed my attention with the killer title.
    Blogging is a business – not fun. I’ve written the same point in my blog many times, it’s nice to see like minded people like you.
    One more secret is: make use of your email list(start building it asap) and make it big. It takes time and lots of effort though, but its worth our effort.

    • Michael Chibuzor says:

      Thank you very much Rahul for reading and leaving a comment. I like your blog too – cute and full of insights.

  3. Hard work man. It isn’t easy.. That is why I wrote the recent article about that..

    It is great that it can be leveraged to your advantage in any way you need it. That is a plus on your side.

    Good article here.

    • Michael Chibuzor says:

      It takes hard work to truly succeed as a blogger. I’m glad you got my point.

  4. sandeep kumar dan says:

    hi, michael .. yes i am enjoying your post 5 underground blogging secrets. all the points are informative and well explained ,i love your all points and i will follow your all tips sincerely..:-) at last i want to say something about your second tips “Hard work” it is the most and most power full secret of all kind of success …. without it you never aspect any kind of success in any field..
    sandeep kumar dan

  5. Kharim Tomlinson says:

    Blogging can be quite a challenge at times because of the effort that you have to put out if you want to make money doing it. At times I think that I would reach nowhere but then I look back and realize that I have reached far to turn back.

    Also with making your blog a business, this is the key if we also want to be successful. Think of it as a business and not just a blog.

    Great tips. Keep up the good work.

    • Michael Chibuzor says:

      Hey Kharim, good to have you read and comment on my post. Thank you so much my friend and I’m glad you got some points out of it.

  6. Matt Smith says:

    Great post Michael! I wouldn’t necessarily call these ‘secrets’, but definitely points that every blogger should consider. Many people think blogging is easy, that they just have to set up a few pages and wait for the money to roll in. Well people that always say that to me are in for a shock because blogging is hard work! Hard work, but well worth the effort, just like everything else in life.

    You’re right that you should treat your blog like a business. As you say, many people give up after a short time because they have failed to make any money from their site. This is simply because they haven’t approached their site in the right way. There are SO many different ways to make money with your own website, that I’m surprised more people don’t blog. Maybe the real secret about blogging is blogging itself!

    • Michael Chibuzor says:

      Yes, they’re pointers and guides for bloggers. Yes, we should all treat our blogs like a real business, that’s where success lies.

  7. Trung Nguyen says:

    I must agree with you, blogging is hardwork, many of us considered it’s a best way to make money online, however, we did one big mistake was thinking it’s easy way to get rich. They were wrong, so that’s why they give up before they get success.

    Nice post.

  8. Patricia Gozlan says:

    Hi Michael,
    You are right it’s never about us it’s about learning to listen to our market.
    When we feel the pulse of the market we know what to write about.
    It is hard work at the same time it can be percieved as fun too.
    I think what is important is to do what works for each one of us there is no golden rule of what works best for all.

    • Michael Chibuzor says:

      You’re a great listener friend and I’m sure your readers appreciate you. Thanks for reading and commenting. Stay gracious!

  9. Zeeshan says:

    Michael Chibuzor i totally agree with you. Blogging is hardwork and we should treat it like business. Initially i was very lazy and thought that blogging is a fun but after some time i realize that blogging is all about passion and unique ideas.

  10. The title is really eye-catchy. Yes blogging is not too hard or too easy. You described all points very elaborately. New or old bloggers who fail will get boost from your writing

    • Michael Chibuzor says:

      You’re most welcome Ahsan. The headline is as important as the content itself.

  11. Sylviane Nuccio says:

    Hi Micheal,

    Really enjoyed that post and you know what? As I was reading it a light bulb lighted up! Gosh. I do have a page on my blogs advertising my service, yes, but you know what I DON’T have? A banner that says that! Duh! I’ve got to do this ASAP!

    • Michael Chibuzor says:

      Wow, go for it Sylviane. There is no better time to implement the idea than now. I’m glad I could help with a tip.

  12. Ashwani Ahlawat says:

    These above mentioned points have uniqueness and importance in its own. I am pretty sure that these should change the mindset properly especially this is much important for newbies like me.
    Yes, blogging is Hardwork and everybody knows the truth HARDWORK IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS. 🙂 Keep the matter for us.

  13. Kristine Johnson says:

    This is nice, Bloggers need to know that they could make some cash out of their blogs, it takes time. In a newly starting company, it takes time before they see the profit out of their business. Same in blogging, Hard work is always required. Another good thing to know about this is, it is for free. All we need is to have a creative mind that can make our readers to subscribe to our blog posts and once we gained their trust, paid subscription will follow.

  14. Christi Johnson says:

    It amazes me that, even today, people do not realize that blogging is hard work and that it is (or at least can be) an integral part of our business. As you wrote, in fact, it IS a business. I consider it to be PROOF of what I do, but I have not yet made the step to seeing my blog as my actual business. Maybe I need a mindset change. Regardless…great content, and you have helped me a great deal. I will be immediately stepping up my blogging game!

    Again, great article!

  15. Erik Emanuelli says:

    Hi Michael,
    you created a lot of nice Guest Posts lately! 😉
    In order to a decent amount and passive income online, you need to work hard.
    Have a topic in your site that you are passionate about,
    create high quality content,
    write for people,
    do not worry too much about SEO,
    build good relationships online and be patient, following some basic rules,
    sooner or later you will see the results!

    • Michael Chibuzor says:

      Hey Erik, your suggestions are superb. I’m sure our readers here would appreciate it. Thank you for publishing my post as well.

  16. Zena Wehbe says:

    Great Advice! I’m definitely going to write more in terms of the way my reader thinks. Sometimes, since I write about scientific information I feel I should be stern in my tone, and completely objective, just sending out the scientific information without any feeling or personal touch. I have been blogging with more of my own voice recently since it is more personable and can connect with people, and it is getting a good response. Thanks again for sharing this!

    • Michael Chibuzor says:

      Great observations Zena. Yes, add personal touch to your writing. You’ll connect better. I appreciate your time in reading my post. Stay gracious!

  17. Andi the Minion says:

    Excellent post Michael, so very true about the hard work, I think people believe that you write 5 or 6 posts and that traffic should suddenly flood their site. They give up as soon as they realise they don’t.
    I know from personal experience, I once set up a CafePress shop for my step daughter to sell her photos on books, mugs and calendars etc. But when she had no sales and then realised it was up to her to start marketing the shop, and push people to the shop she gave up and continued to moan she was skint lol. Not quite a blogging story but it is similar in many ways. 🙂

  18. Blogging can be a real business if we put hard work on it. Most people are Blogging for fun and they aren’t taking it seriously and that is the reason they fail at Blogging. I have written many articles on my blog reminding this topic again and again.
    I totally agree with you Michael.

  19. Michael, great post ! Focus, Commitment and Constant Learning are vital for all bloggers if we want to provide Value to our customers -( The Readers).
    Our contents and blog layout/look should be Customer Oriented.

  20. Hi Michael, powerful words indeed. I especially like your point of selling your own services / products and perhaps affiliate products on a secondary basis.

    Many people are unaware that affiliate tracking is not 100% and they could be losing sales without even realizing it. But if you are selling your own service or product, that chance is drastically minimized.

    Great share, Thanks.

  21. Chadrack@Blogging SEO Tips says:

    Hi Mike,

    Did I enjoy your 5 underground blogging secrets? You can say that again! You indeed hit this on the head. I can literally feel the passion in your words!

    I especially love the one about blogging being a business. I think blogging has gone beyond just choosing a blogging platform and posting some content. Planning and setting out goals for your blogging business is now a must for anyone who wants to succeed with blogging.

    Thanks for this kick-ass post!

    • Michael Chibuzor says:

      Hey Bro, I’m glad you enjoyed my post. Yes, blogging is a serious business. We need to see it like that – that’s where results lie. Thank you

  22. These are all very good points that bloggers need to understand! It takes a lot of hard work and it is definitely a business. If we treat it like a hobby it will never become successful because we need to be disciplined and work on it when we don’t feel like it. One thing that I need to do is to find a way to leverage my blog.


  23. Kelvin Wealth says:

    Michael… I love your first, second and third point…

    Business generally is not about you. It’s about your clients and for bloggers it’s all about your readers because if you are satisfied and they aren’t satisfied you are a complete failure.

    Blogging really requires working hard… Only the tough can survive this blogging game.
    And really if you don’t treat blogging as a business you will soon be frustrated. It’s one thing to start a business and it’s another thing to successfully run it.

    Thanks for sharing Michael

  24. Kristen says:

    Interesting post. Blogging is definitely some work. For me, it isn’t particularly difficult and kind of fun, but it takes a lot of time and consistency that I sometimes cannot manage! Also, I like your point about trying to write for what the reader wants. I think many bloggers start from the “me” perspective and then eventually transition into writing for an audience. Sometimes it is tough to figure out who the audience is!

  25. Norbert says:

    Nice points you’ve put across there. It’s true that even with all the information available on the internet most people will always struggle.Why? It’s because most people don’t understand that blogging is a business on it’s own. You need to not only work hard but also work smarter with a clear strategy and goals.

  26. Gavin Mountford says:

    I like that bit… it’s NOT about you… that’s true… it’s about your reader. Very important for people to remember.

    Although, readers still want to see your personality and story woven within the posts. That’s what makes a blog unique.

    • Michael Chibuzor says:

      It’s about the reader, not you. Yes, you’ve to weave personality into the content to make it unique and crisp. But don’t brag, blog instead.

  27. Raena Lynn says:

    Hi Michael,

    I enjoyed your article very much. I think all of your secrets are beneficial and can make the difference between success or failure as a blogger. The bloggers who take their blog seriously and treat it as a business make money and have a wonderful opportunity to promote themselves. I love the fact that a blog is a great platform for advertising, whether you are promoting yourself or an affiliate program. I also like the freedom and control we have as a blogger to create presence on the internet. Quality content is by far the best way to attract quality traffic. A blog has great potential to build your list, and connect with others in your niche. Thanks!

    Raena Lynn

  28. Hi Michael nice to see you here, most bloggers eventhough they want to make money from their blog they don’t actually see it as a business and this is the main reason that they don’t make money. As you said having a blog is a great way to promote your own services and products and this is much better than promoting affiliate products, thanks for sharing…

    • Michael Chibuzor says:

      Thank you Kostas for reading my post. I’ve really missed you. Where have you been?

  29. Sarah Arrow says:

    Blogging is a terrific platform to advertise your own professional services, and I have no idea why more bloggers don’t do this. Bloggers are aware that the information shared freely has to pay the “rent” at some point, yet they seem to think making people aware of what they do will lose them readers 🙁 It’s time to treat the readers like grown-ups?

    • Michael Chibuzor says:

      You’re right. I agree with you 100%. It’s time to treat readers like grown-ups?

  30. I like how you said if you like you’re niche, it should be fun and productive and not have to be like chore. Blogging does take time. Simply one month won’t cut it. You’ll have to be willing to put all that you got into it. Great blog!

  31. The Secret Insider says:

    I love the idea of turning your blog into an advert for your services instead of trying to get affiliate commissions. One guy I know earned $70-$100 a month from AdSense but it takes 17,000 visitors a month to get that, I am sure the same can be earned from less visitors by offering writing or blog developing services.


  32. Marc Scott says:

    When I first started blogging I was doing it just to get some fresh content on my web site. Now I see the value of providing relevant content to my audience. Is my blog making me a fortune? Not yet. And it most certainly is hard work. But if it generates even one booked voiceover job for me or helps one client or voice talent then it’s absolutely worth it.

    • Michael Chibuzor says:

      Absolutely Marc. It’s worth it. Focus on quality content and you’ll definitely win.

  33. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan says:

    Beautifully captured the essence of blogging.
    Most students and youngsters turn to blogging thinking it is one of those get-rich-quick schemes over the internet and quit the moment they realize that a good blogger needs to sweat it out before he can be called a successful one!