Importance of Scheduling Your Blog Posts


The responsibilities of running very important post are by posting them frequently. When you do not schedule your posts, you will end up losing on your side one day even if it is not today. This method is true and is important to those bloggers that do not write every day.

Therefore, they need to keep some blogs for some time then use them when they need them most. As you know, bloggers have a life of their own. Therefore, sometimes emergencies happen, and they find themselves losing a lot of time that would have been used to write a blog and post. Try to have around one week job post to be on the safe side.

Here, are the advantages of doing so

You will never lack to post new blogs – Yes, this is true. Assuming that you have not worked for a week because you were sick or you had to go somewhere agent. You can still post new blogs when you saved some during the time when you were writing. In other words, you will always have new posts on your site.

You will easily meet your target – Majority of bloggers lack to meet their targets due to lack of proper planning. Therefore, if you have a target of posting 5 blogs every day, then that should be the thing you should work on. The only way you can manage this is by scheduling your posts.

You will get time for yourself and family – Family and friends are very important people in your life. However, many bloggers who have not scheduled there post, they find themselves missing out in very important events. Assuming that you are a blogger and you have a target of posting 5 blogs per day, you will end up using all day writing the blogs and posting them and in the long run, you will find yourself doing the same for a whole year. Do not let yourself become that person, schedule your work and you will be on the safe side.

You will be able to fulfill your dreams, goals and objectives – Everybody have their own dreams, objectives and goal in life. Assuming that someone has a dream of going for a vacation to Hawaii, and the thing that is holding him back is blogging. If such a person had a proper schedule on blogging, then going for a vacation would not be a problem because his job would not be affected.

However, even though these are the advantages of scheduling your blogs, there is one limitation, if your blogs are about the latest news and events. Some news cannot be scheduled because you do not know when they can happen. Therefore, this becomes difficult to keep them for future posting.

There is a way that you can schedule them. Assuming that you are writing about entertainment and there is a musician coming on a specific date, you can inquire, the date, make it on your calendar and later write about it on the specific date.

Hopefully, this article has shown you the light and educated you on why scheduling your blog posts is important.

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  1. I always like to publish mine when I am done writing. I guess you can say that I schedule my own writing rather than my posts.

    But if you like it the other way around, than that is just fine. Good article to learn that from.

    • mohdakthar says:

      I completely agree that scheduling our writing rather than posts. There are some rules which we need to follow.

  2. Hi Mohd,

    I rarely schedule posts but when I do it’s because I want to do a little more research and make sure I got my facts right or see if there is another post I can link out too. That way if I don’t find anything I can just stick to the schedule.

    Thanks for the post.

    • mohdakthar says:


      Thank you very much for reading my posts. I’m greateful to you and your suggestion on linking to another post is great.

  3. Erik Emanuelli@Make Money Blogging says:

    Hi Mohd,
    I have scheduled posts until 18th June in my blog. Really! 🙂
    This helps me focus on other activities, both online or offline.
    I think WordPress platform is great and let you manage your time in a profitable way.
    I set every post to be published on 05:00 p.m. to my time,
    so when I wake up and start to check my blog, I already see the results of automatic sharing, social media and other nice tools.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      I meant, 05:00 A.M. !! 😉

    • mohdakthar says:

      Thats great you scheduled the post until 18th June. Yes, it helps focus on other activities along with online or offline.

  4. scheduling the posts works better when your going for a holiday where you have no access to internet or no time to use it.

  5. Ashwani Ahlawat says:

    Thats a new info or simply you can say a new trick for me. I never heard of scheduling. Thats really cool bro. iTechCode really teaches me a lot about real blogging. this post is super liked. I think this also improves traffic, trust with audience and rankings too.
    Thanks for the share buddy!

  6. Naser @ Tech Blog says:

    I used to schedule posts when I have something planned, like going on trips etc.

  7. Trung Nguyen says:

    I only schedule my blog post since I have more than 3 posts that are available to publish, however, it’s rarely. BTW, I love your #3 point. Nice post.

  8. Shalu Sharma says:

    This is one feature that I have not used at the moment. I am seriously thinking of using it. This is what I can hands of publishing. Seems like a good idea. This will nicely work when you need to go somewhere for a few days.

  9. When I get ahead of schedule I tend to schedule them out. It’s a great feeling too when you can do that so you don’t feel overwhelmed if you haven’t posted in a few days.

  10. this is true, very true. I should have some posts on deck and saved up for emergencies.

    One good point is they should be high quality posts. You don’t want to let the quality fall because you are away.

  11. In my 2 years of Blogging, I have scheduled just one of my blog post. Scheduling blog post is really helpful in emergency time. Thanks for the post Modh.

  12. Kelvin Wealth says:

    Thanks for sharing mohd…

    I really appreciate the ability to schedule my post on wordpress platform… It has really helped me a lot especially when I’m travelling and I’m not travelling with my laptop I just schedule my post…
    But don’t forget to use a plugin that will help you prevent wordpress from pinging your blog whenever you schedule a post… It should be done only when the article goes live…

  13. I am a busy person, working on my day job. So I kinda use this scheduler to draft articles as many as I could whenever I am free and once I’ve finalized it I schedule it so I don’t have to worry what to post the next day or the day after.

  14. Anand Singh says:

    i use to schedule my posts at particular time. so, that it can be crawled by search engines. Scheduling post regularly at same time gives idea to bots, when to crawl.

  15. It’s a great idea to keep some posts scheduled for a rainy day if you’re busy (or just lack inspiration!). Also you should know (from your server stats) which hours most people visit your blog so can schedule important posts to the start of that peak period. If using Feedburner or similar, time your scheduled posts to before the daily feed is created or they will be a day old by the time RSS/email readers see them

  16. Jeet Dholakia says:

    also prefer scheduling the post but not always 😉 some day if I write more then 2-3 post then I don’t publish them immediately and schedule it for the near future. Mostly I schedule the guest post on my blog.

    Thank you and Have a good day.

  17. Chris @ NPI says:

    Yes, scheduling blog posts is very smart way for maintaining blog, especially if you have a lot of posts and articles.
    Mohd, thanks for sharing.
    BR, Chris

  18. Ammar Ali says:

    I was scheduling my all WP posts recently. But from last few days schedule option is not working fine. It gives error like “Missing Schedule!” any solution Mohd 😀

  19. The Secret Insider says:

    Hi Mohd,
    Yes I agree, I try and write posts when I have the time spare even if I do not need the post. It is a great idea to have an archive of stuff ready to post when those times come up and you can’t write.
    At least they can be chopped and re used or used as part of your email marketing campaign. A great idea that I try to use is the interview post, get people to answer a series of questions and then have several of them ready for posting. They can be scheduled to go live on the night your partner wants to use as ‘date night’ 🙂

  20. Felipe Veiga says:

    I also believe in the importance of scheduling your posts to provide an homogenous approach to your reader and also to provide work life balance when managing your blog post.

    I would like to add WP Editorial calendar, that is an amazing plugin to manage scheduled posts for the begginer on the subject.