10 Helpful Tips, How to Use Twitter Properly

Every blogger wants to have a lot of traffic on his/her blog. These days, as traffic from Google is lower and lower, traffic streams from other sources become more important, especially from social media networks.

Twitter Follow Me

One of the most important social media service is Twitter. I assume, that you already have an account on Twitter. If not, please sign up and create your own account just after reading this article. So, now we can go through the tips:

10 Helpful Tips, How to Use Twitter Properly

1. Prepare Proper Description of You in Your Profile

Please prepare your description carefully. Write who you are, what are your interests. Your Twitter description is, except your photo, most important thing, if someone doesn’t know you personally. It must be informative and encouraging. If you want, you can place a link in your description. For example, your description may look like below:

Beginner Blogger and SEO Freak.
I’m tweeting about blogging, social media SEO and traffic
I’ll follow you back, if your tweets are interesting

2. Add Your Personal, Real Photo

White eggs don’t look very well – they look spammy. I’m not following people, which don’t have real photos. And I suppose, that most of Twitter users are making the same. And how about you?

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3. Tweet Regularly

If you are not tweeting regularly, you will lose your followers. Please try to tweet at least 3 times a day. If you know, when your followers are online, please try to tweet in their “active hours” – so they will see your tweets.

4.  Tweet about Interesting Things

Why your followers are following you? Because you are twitting about interesting things. Please don’t tweet about your personal life and problems, about weather (unless you are weather specialist) or old, boring things. Your tweets must engage your readers and keep them by you. Sometimes you may ask questions to your followers – they like it 😉

5. Please, don’t Spam

It’s one of the most important points here. If your tweets (or direct messages to your followers) will looks like “pushy promotion”, your followers will unfollow you. What’s more, you may be even reported to Twitter administrators as a spammer.

6. Don’t Overload Your Followers with Bunch of Tweets

Tweeting to less is bad for you. But, on the other hand, if you tweet to lot, you also may be unfollowed. Once I saw a man, who was tweeting every few seconds for three minutes! I don’t follow him yet…

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7. Retweet Interesting Tweets

If you find something interesting in others tweets, don’t be afraid to retweet it. Your followers will get valuable content, and you will show potential followers, that it’s worth to following you. And finally, sometimes you may be retweeted in exchange 🙂

8. Follow People, Which Are in Your Niche

If you want to be up to date, follow “big brands” in your niche. Except getting stream of news, you will see what’s hot and interesting. What’s more, a lot of “big brands” followers are looking for new possibility to follow. Maybe you will be the next?

9. Use #FollowFriday and Other “Events” on Twitter

Please try to build your relationship with other Twitter users. You may do it by participation in specific events and actions – for example in #followfriday

#FollowFriday is an event, recurrent each Friday, in which people suggest to others who should they follow.  If you want to participate, you must only send normal tweet with “#FollowFriday” caption.

Example of your tweet may looks like:

#FollowFriday – If you are blogger, I recommend you following bloggers: @problogger, @danielscocco, @JohnChow, @PatFlynn

10. Use Application (Paid or Unpaid) to Automate Your Twitter Efforts

Some people like automation, some don’t.

You can automate process who to follow, or who to unfollow. You can also try to automate process of tweeting (be very careful with it). Automated tweets are less time consuming, but they are also less personal. You must compare pros and cons of automating tweeting.

Most famous Twitter tools are Tweet adder (paid tool) and ManageFlitter (free tool).

The last one Twitter “tool”, which I use, is Tribber – great social tool for sharing your blog posts, getting more tweets and making relationships with other bloggers.

If you are just starting your “love affair” with Twitter, these tips may are a little bit unclear for you. In that case you may be interested in reading Tutorial for Beginners – How to Use Twitter.

And what about you – do you have any other helpful tips about using Twitter? What does work and what doesn’t work for you?

About Amit Shaw

Amit Shaw, Administrator of iTechCode.He is a 26 Year Ordinary Simple guy from West Bengal,India. He writes about Blogging, Technology, Gadgets, Programming etc. Connect with him on Facebook, Add him on Google+ and Follow him on Twitter.


  1. Craig Desmarais says:

    Another good way to use twitter is to use a 3rd party app to schedule your tweets to go out at key times. My favorite right now is Buffer. It allows you to pick the times you want your tweets to go out as well as see what kind of reach they had. Anyone else have some good Twitter tools?

  2. Ahmad Awais says:

    Nothing new in this post was expecting something new.
    Amit bro how if you write about twitter?

    • Hi Ahmad – maybe there is no news for you – but these tips are working very good for me. I have relatively new blog – and for one of my posts I got more than 120 retweets. And traffic from Twitter is one of the most important sources for my blog.

      • Ahmad Awais says:

        I know these tips , they have been shared a lot !
        They all work well !
        To get 120+ retweets these tips are not enough ! You must share something more ! Tell us how you share ? What you use? What you share?

        • Ahmad – it’s really inside this post 🙂
          Please read especially #10 – ManageFlitter and Tribber. They really work for me.
          Of course there are some other “tips” – great content and relationship with other bloggers – but it’s not about Twitter.

          • Ahmad Awais says:

            That part is good !
            I didn’t saw it earlier I guess !
            Thanks for kind replies.

  3. Twitter is an excellent platform but it suits best for events or political needs more. For instance, one will know Twitter’s importance in the forthcoming Olympics and US General elections.

    • Hi Shekhar – you are totally right – for politics and for sport events Twitter is very important marketing tool. But (IMHO) it’s also very good tool (and traffic source) for bloggers.

  4. Romy Singh @GeekyWriter says:

    Hello Chris,

    Twitter is very powerful platform for conversations, if we use it properly. But many tweeps just rave about their products, stuffs, services which no body likes to hear. And I think that is the main reason why no one follows you on twitter. Twitter is not about you, its about others. The more value you share with others the more benefits you’ll get.

    BTW, Awesome post. 🙂

    Romy Singh,

    • Thanks Romy for your comment. If I see, that someone tweets only about his/her products – I don’t follow him/her. And I try to tweet about others posts too – in return I get retweets of my posts.

  5. devinder says:

    Hi, Chris
    I have been doing exact same thing but i am not really getting an awesome amount of traffic to my blog, can you please suggest something more to get traffic to my blog?

    • Devinder – please look at my prior comments – maybe there is a difference?
      BTW – just retweeted one of your last posts 😉

  6. Hi Chris,
    In the beginning when i was new in twitter, i was so much confused that how do i get a massive traffic from the twitter, clearly i made some of mistakes which you have mentioned above like profile pic and current information. Good post Buddy and welcome in itechcode family.

    • Hi shahid – thanks for your comment. And yes – profile picture or photo is very important 🙂

  7. Hi Amrik – I agree with you, that amount of followers doesn’t matter. It’s more important to have some (great!) relationship with them, and thanks to it have more tweets 🙂
    Have a nice weekend too!

  8. Hey Chris, it’s nice to see your guest here at Itechcode. In my opinion retweeting others tweets in our niche is best way to get retweet our tweets by others. It also builds relationship with others.
    Thanks for the awesome post anyway.

    • Hi Ehsan – nice to see you here too 🙂 And I agree with you – relationships are very important, not only on Twitter.

  9. Arbaz Khan says:

    Nice tips, Chris.
    I wasn’t knowing about events like #FollowFriday. Thanks for letting me know about it. Now I will have to search more such events. And are the automation tools worth a try, because I used Twiends and didn’t like it much ……

    • Arbaz – thanks for your support. You definitely must try ManageFlitter and Tribber. BTW – nice infographic 😉

  10. These are few good pointers to grow your twitter presence. Its helpful in SEO if you write a good description which contains a keyword of yours. and yes Don’t spam your followers otherwise they will start unfollowing you. Spamming is never entertained.

    • Spamming is always bad 😉 Especially in social media. And thanks for your comment Atish.

  11. Patricia Gozlan says:

    These are great tips, I did not know what #followFriday meant until now that I read this post, and I use market me suite instead of Tribber, what is the difference between these 2 tools?
    Thanks for sharing…!

    • Hi Patricia – thanks for your support. Unfortunatelly I didn’t use market me suite – so I can’t tell you the difference.

  12. Clint Butler says:

    I used to be one of those people who only used automated software to get new followers. Unfortunately, most of the people who followed me were using the same software. So I completely changed my Twitter strategy and only follow about 30 to 40 people who really share some great stuff. Of course my followers dropped, but not as much as you would expect. Hopefully with this new strategy I will get more real followers and perhaps some decent traffic as a result.

    • Clint, I agree with you that autofollowing isn’t good option – I always check who to follow manually 🙂

  13. Erik Emanuelli says:

    Hi Chris!
    Great to see your Guest Post here!
    Altough I have read time ago from a popular blogger that Twitter is dead,
    I think that he was wrong.
    Twitter is a must have tool to increase your audience and build relationships with people
    of your same interests.

    • Hi Erik – thanks for your support. And yes – Twitter definitely isn’t dead 😉

  14. Andi the Minion says:

    Some pretty helpful tips there, I use TweetAdder and love it, but I shall take a look at the free ManagerFlitter tool sometime.

    • Thanks for your comment, Andi. You must try ManageFlitter and Tribber as well 🙂

  15. Shalu Sharma says:

    Very good tips on using Twitter. Many people don’t use it to the fullest and don’t use it properly.

    • I agree with you Shalu that people don’t use Twitter proparly 🙂 But we try to do it 😉

  16. Androidage says:


    Wonderful tips, thanks to the post.

    I especially like don’t overload with useless tweets and use applications to automate. I’ve been using some free apps to automate my twitter profile and tweets and its easy to handle and update.

    • Thanks Androidage. Too much not related tweets may hurt your Twitter account, not help!

  17. Astro Gremlin says:

    Thanks for the tips, Chris. So far I have yet to get much traffic from Twitter. I’m not giving up, but the realm of Twitter and that of my blog seem to exist in different dimensions!

  18. Ravi Verma says:

    Hey Chris…
    gr8 twitter tips. Some ot the points I m already doing.and alos got some new….thanks.. 🙂