How to Write SEO Friendly Content that your Readers will Love

There is a debatable topic in blogging sphere that is – Whether we should write for ‘Search Engine Based Content or We should write content for Readers’.


Impact if you write only for readers

If you write content only for your readers then you struggle to get traffic from search engine, organic traffic is important to get regular new visitors.

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Impact if you write only for Search Engine

If you write content only for Search Engine then your reader will not like it because your keyword stuffing ruin the beauty of natural content.

So I decided to do some research on articles written various pro bloggers whose content is appreciated by thousands of users and Search Engines Rank them well also.

Here are four tips that can help you to create content that will be SEO friendly and user friendly both.

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Most of the blogger ignore content planning; they usually start writing as soon as an idea clicks in their mind. I am not saying that this is not a good approach but success rate increase if we go with proper planning.

Content planning involves following tasks

  • Keyword Research for your idea.
  • Gather necessary information for your article.
  • Know your readers mind set.
  • Try to know what is flowing on social networking sites.

This is a fact that people love to read and share a well written article; sharing of your article will help you to get better ranking in SERP.

Always play with your strength

If you don’t know what’s your strength in content writing then you will not be able to give your best shot.

You have to find out your strength in content writing and stick with it. Your content should be liked by beginners and experienced both. Until you find your strength you will not be able to make an impressive place in blogging world.

Your strength could be

  • Your Command over language
  • Your presentation Skill
  • Your Involvement with your Readers
  • Your Research about article

Your strength makes you unique among the crowd. Your reader like to see and read best of your strength.

Make your article Wikipedia

This is what most ProBlogger follows. Reader wants to read that article which is able to answer all their questions and queries itself.

Don’t put so much information in single article because it may create confusion in readers mind.

If you are taking 2-3 days in writing an article then how can you expect that reader will put 30 minutes in reading your article and grasp all the information provided by you in single read?

I would suggest pick a topic and start from basic information then add information for intermediate readers and then add advance level information. You can convert your single article into multiple articles as series.

For example- Instead of creating a single article – “List of Top 100 bloggers” follow below trick

Create 2-3 articles and divide list of bloggers based on different Niche, earning, rankings or Geo-Location.

In this way you divide information into different logical entities and reader will get time to cover all the information provided by you.

Connect with Story

This is the area when you can connect with your readers mind and heart both. It has been suggested from pro bloggers, Internet marketer and business psychologists that always try to connect with your readers mind and emotions to convert them into sales and leads.

Starting your article with a story always creates a curiosity in readers mind and it connects your article with their need and emotions.

Story telling is a natural process and it adds a flavor of natural writing in your article as well. Search engine also like natural contents so it help you on SEO front as well.

My Two Cents

SEO friendly content is require to rank well in search engines that help you to get more and more organic traffic and User friendly content is require because it is real human who reads your article not the bot.

Image Credit :  Net Workers india.

About Sandeep Kumar

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  1. Sandeep Kumar says:

    Hi Amit,

    Thankyou very much for accepting my Guest Post and Publishing it quickly.
    Thanks once again bro….

  2. Aditi Datta says:

    Hi Sandeep,
    Well, I think it all depends on your content. Fresh and unique content are always appreciated by readers and so as Google. So, you must keep in mind before jotting down your points. An exclusive content definitely makes your reader to visit your blog for the second time. Thanks for the share!!

    • Sandeep Kumar says:

      Hi Aditi….
      You are right that Fresh and unique content create magic for both for Readers and for Search Engine….and a successful content writer or blogger creates a balance of two.

  3. Great pointers Sandeep! We should always keep in mind that although SEO is important, real living people are more important than that. So our content should always be focused for real people!

    • Sandeep Kumar says:

      Thanks Jane for supporting my words.
      I always try to focus for readers with some SEO tweaks so that I can get more visitor without annoying my existing readers.

  4. Bijit Sharma says:

    Well written of course…There is always a conflict in the blogger’s mind whether to write his natural language or write machine language…I shall be glad Sandeep if you check out my site ( and tell me whether I should concentrate on Search Engine Optimized writing or the natural flow of my pen…

    • Sandeep Kumar says:

      Hi Bijit…..
      Thanks for your feedback about my article. Regarding reviewing you website/blog, I’ll give it a look and come back to you with my suggestions if I found any.

  5. Paul Profitt says:

    Hi Sandeep

    I have a blog but I don’t see myself as a blogger. I see myself more as an Affiliate Marketer who knows how to blog. So I never write for readers. Because I’m not interested in people who only want to read my content. I write content for people who are action takers. And this is where using SEO, good headlines, and having a relevant domain name comes into play.

    • Sandeep Kumar says:

      Hi Poul… you are right with your words because your readers are of different type.
      Well i would like to highlight that Google has already released an algorithm to hit low quality exact match Domain (EMD) sites. i hope you will takecare of it.

    • Sandeep Kumar says:

      My bad… I am really sorry for typo error in name
      Its Paul…..

  6. Hello, Sandeep.

    I think I’ve mastered the writing side of things – I haven’t come across anything yet in my niche that approaches the topics I cover or the manner in which I cover them (still time yet though!). I’m interested in the ‘SEO tweaks’ you mention. That seems to be what I need to focus on next.

    Just off to poke about your site to find out what they are…

    Kind regards,

    • Sandeep Kumar says:

      Thanks Linda for sharing your own experience about content writing. I am sure that you will see benefit by implementeing the SEO tweaks mentioned by me.

  7. Thanks for the read. You’re definitely right – both the reader and SEO principles have to be kept in mind when you’re writing content. It’s hard to strike a balance, but practice and knowledge gathered from reading helpful articles like this one make things easier.

  8. Nishant Srivastava says:

    Great Post Sandeep,
    I used to write posts without doing keyword research, If you are writing for readers and your readers love your content then Search engines will surely spread their love to your content, keyword are just a small part of your content but you cant ignore it if you want to stay in competition.

    • Sandeep Kumar says:

      Thanks Nishant for sharing your own experience about the blogging and content writers…
      I am agree if you know in and out about your readers and Niche then keyword automatically pop up in your natural writing itself.

  9. Mairaj Pirzada says:

    It’s not a hard thing to write content that search bots love, but its very hard to write what both humans and bots would love… 😛 Very well, nice write up. Glad to find you here Sandeep bro (rising star or risen star??)!

    • Sandeep Kumar says:

      Thanks Mairaj….
      I am thankful to blogging because it gave me a younger brother like you… who is always there to motivate me by motivational comments and valuable suggestion…..
      Thanks once again bro…

  10. Your tips are very useful that instead of writing, if we write like top lists, we can see good results. I’ve been using these tips for a long while, thanking you for the post.

    • Sandeep Kumar says:

      Hi Naveen,
      Thanks for your time to put comments here… I do believe that ‘How To’ and ‘List’ always attaract peoples and bot both…Thanks for your valuavle input bro.

  11. Ravi Singh says:

    Hi Sandeep,
    You have share an informative article and now a days every one want to SEO Friendly website because it create actual traffic of a website. So our Fresh and Unique content should always be focused for actual traffic.

  12. Arbaz Khan says:

    Great post Sandeep.
    When writing posts for search engines, we tend to do keyword stuffing and instead of getting high results in SERP’s we get slashed by search engines.
    Great post. Thanks 🙂

    • Sandeep Kumar says:

      Thanks Arbaz for appreciating my effort and sharing your valuable feedback about the article.

  13. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    Hey Sandeep, it’s really a quite interesting to read on. Yeah, I agree that it’s pretty hard to write a post which is both SEO friendly and readers friendly. These pointed out tips will certainly help us to fix this issue and create killer content. Thanks for these tips buddy.

    • Sandeep Kumar says:

      Thanks Prlyangshu……
      It gives an immense pleasure when your readers find your article useful. thanks for providing your feedback about my article.

  14. Shivani Arora says:

    Great tips and very helpful post You have share an informative article and now a days every one want to SEO Friendly website because it create actual traffic of a website.Thanks for sharing

    • sandeep Kumar says:

      Hi Shivani… thanks for your vuable feedback about my article.
      You are right SEO is important to get long term benefit from your content. SEO brings lots of traffic and lots of traffic means lots of Money.

  15. User friendly content is necessary for every content and also for Google and user. I think content with images will work better for both.

    • sandeep Kumar says:

      Absolutely correct Stella,
      Content with image creates the magic in your article and give chance to impress both , Google and User.

  16. As we all know content is the king of any blog and we should always write by keeping reader in mind as what they want we should never write what we want,it makes a lot of impact on blog.

  17. This tips will surely help me to write content that my readers will love and also more reader engagement will reduce mine site’s Bounce Rate.