Guest Blogging Tips – Guest Posting A to Z

Guest Blogging is a way to get free exposure and traffic to your site and content articles. Guest Blogging has turned into a very popular method for bloggers to obtain name presently. To be an excellent Guest Blogger you have to set goals and work hard to offer the best results each time.

Guest Blogging Tips

Guest Blogging Tips

When offering a guest post on a blog you have to remember, the blog post you have written should be relevant to that site’s niche and readers. The article must meet your needs, bringing you visitors and exposure perhaps even money.

Use the following advice to become the very best Guest Blogger:-

1. You have to know your objectives. Note them down, what you would like to get from your guest post – more visitors, traffic, and publicity and so on. Find the blogs which are related to your own niche.

2. When you offer a guest blog to a blogger then you first work should be to read the guest posting guidelines because if you offer a post which doesn’t fulfill the guidelines, Admin will not even going to respond you sometimes.
It’s the prime duty of every guest blogger to read the guidelines thoroughly and follow each and every point.

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3. The next step is to submit your guest post to review. Believe me if you fulfill every point of guidelines then your article will not be rejected. Any host blogger loves to publish those posts which are as per the guidelines.

4. Coming to the article quality, as you know content is king but when it is 100% unique so never copy anything from anywhere. Just provide 100% unique article so the result will end up being perfect. You may share your personal viewpoints in your article as it makes the article more interesting.

5. If you’re good in a few niches example technology, marketing etc. come up with that. And write towards the top blogs for the reason that niche. No need to create about things which are not in your own niche because if you’re strong in one niche then its good to stick with that.

6. As its being said everywhere that an image is worth 1000 words which is correct, you have to provide an image along with your guest post. Choosing an image is not the work of Admin. It the you who has to select the image and also give the image credit if necessary. Image means not just any image, Image must reflect the essence of the article.

7. So now after doing everything your post is live. So do you think your work is over?


Your work is not over once the article is posted, even your work starts now. You must share the post on your social media profiles. Also you have to interact with the readers of that post and give solutions to their questions asked via comment form. You need to keep the discussion going on in the comments. This helps in your personal branding as well as better engagement on host blog.

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8. Be smart whenever you reply to comments. Top blogs have a number of different readers which will analyze your post and post their own comments, be wise whenever you reply to individual comments. Because there are plenty of different opinions available and many of them won’t be the same as your viewpoint.

9. In case your first article obtained good response then the host blogger willing to get more post from you from the next time. That is why you need to build the trust with the host blogger first and of course always deliver the quality work.

10. Forgot to mention above so mentioning here that never use the same author bio everywhere as it creates similar content issue. Use a bit different author bio on different blogs. One more thing, at the time of writing you author bio don’t write about your services and all. Just write about your area of expertise, about your knowledge and a line for your blog.

These are just a couple steps and tips to become a good guest blogger. Be natural, be honest and become Unique.

Note for Host bloggers: There are so many link builders who says themselves as Guest blogger. They just come to you to get a link and for which they offer a low quality article and even later post that to other article directories. So Beware of that kind of “Guest Bloggers”

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Author Bio : Atish Ranjan is a blogger from India who loves spending a lot of time in researching new things. He writes about Blogging tips and SEO tips on his blogs

About Atish Ranjan

Atish Ranjan is a blogger from India who is managing multiple blogs. He loves to write about SEO, blogging and technology.


  1. Hi Atish,
    Well I do believe that Guest Blogging has become very important now-a-days and the advices that you have shared are definitely helpful for all guest bloggers. I like the tips that you have shared and specially the first point of reply to comments. This is infact necessary to increase interaction with your visitors. Thanks for the share!!

    • Yes, If a guest blogger doesn’t reply to comments then it shows that they are doing guest blogging just for building links and nothing else. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. This is a great scoop of information. How about adding one more point? Build relationship with blogger before submitting your guest post. Just a thought you may ignore it anyway.

    • Yeas ofcourse If you doing guest pot on any blog then you would reply to comments and this way you can discuss many things about that particular topic. The relationship builds naturally. thanks for your suggestion.

  3. Replying to comments is really a crucial thing with guest blogging and I don’t know why most guest bloggers ignore it. It is actually a great opportunity to squeeze the MOST out of their guest blogging campaign.

    We choose guest blogging to expose our blog/business to the audience of a bigger blog. We write the post. When those audience leave comments, that is a great response and we have to be proud coz our campaign has caused a reaction; there has been a response. And it is for our benefit and that of the host blogger to interact with those commenters. This will help building long lasting relationships and also will establish our blog/business in their heart very much stronger.

  4. Very Correct Jane Di, Guest blogging is all about building relationship with other bloggers and readers. I enjoy replying to my commenters always. Love to see your comment here di.

  5. Praveen Rajarao says:

    Atish – Nice to see you here…and you have done an awesome job at listing out the necessities for a successful guest post. Yes, replying to the comments on your guest post is very important and that is one of the main reasons why i sometimes reject some authors even though they are very professional.

    Some of them do not come back and check on the comments for their posts and it pisses me off.

    Of course all the other benefits you have mentioned are true and it gives a blogger a lot of exposure and reach to promote himself and his blogs.

    Thanks for sharing and hope to have you over at TechIVY soon 🙂

  6. jagat kumar says:

    I agree with guest blogging coz it’s more beneficial for blog and mostly blogger choose guest blogging for this. Guest blogging helps to improve quality traffic, personal branding, Build online relationship, Get backlinks, get self introduce to new readers, increase subscriber. lot of advantages for a guest blogging.

    • Thanks Jagat for your comment. Yes thats same I wrote in the post. Apart from all of this I do it as I love it.

  7. Nice to see your comment here Praveen. You won’t believe but I get a huge number of Guest posting request on daily basis and very few of them come up with strong content quality. Most of them come just to get a link back.

  8. Good points, especially “You have to know your objectives.” I find that a lot of bloggers come to me with post requests like “can I talk about SEO and get a backlink”? Uh, no. That’s what I do. Bring something new. You want to post about Excel and how SEOs can analyze backlink data with it? I’ll post that. You want to add a link? Sure. On the other hand, you want to post about “3 strategies for using Twitter” and they are 1) Add many followers, 2) Reply when people mention you, 3) Thank people for following you. Then again, no. Add to the discussion or stop talking.

    • Thats really great. Even I get same post offer from so many guest bloggers or I say the link builders. I don’t want to hurt anyone but I have to reject at times.

  9. This is great post and tips are really good, like you mentioned, we need to be careful when accepting guest posts, because some are just written for the sake of the backlink not the quality and value.

    thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks James for stopping by. Guest blogging really helps in boosting your site’s traffic as well as ranking. So guest bloggers should also give their best while writing the post.

  10. Mohd Aktar says:

    These points are really responsible for taking the bloggers away from blogging. So thank you for highlighting all of them. I totally agree with you that content is king because it will only make your blogging kingdom full of visitors and most importantly the returning visitors. Rest Google ranking will follow your website.

  11. Thanks for your comment Mohd. Keep visiting iTechcode!

  12. Rajkumar Jonnala says:

    Awesome tips, thanks for sharing it. I do agree with all your points, many bloggers use guest blogging as to increase their traffic and i think these tips will be sufficient to them as a good guest blogger.

  13. Thanks Rajkumar for your comment. Love to see you reading my post.

  14. These are the best tips to perform guest blogging as this is the most powerful way to build natural backlinks as well as enhancing the personal branding. Very nice post Atish.

  15. Theodore Nwangene says:

    Well said Atish,
    Guest posting is very effective for driving traffic and also getting quality backlink to your blog, this blog post is very concise and to the point.

    Thanks for sharing.

  16. Thanks Theodore. stay tuned to itechcode for more updates.

  17. Chandler Bryson says:

    Hey Atish, a very nice post about guest blogging, Its is really nice to read the do’s and dont’s when we are concerned about guest blogging, Content should be clear, informative and fresh other wise people will not take interest in it. If we provide case studies in a guest blog then it gives us a chance to present an insight of a specified topic, this process can attract the audience and can maximize the traffic.

    • Thanks chandler for your comment. Yeas case studies makes a blog post more attractive and engaging.

  18. @Atish: Excellent points here. A lot of guest bloggers forget that host blog is allowing them to post content because they are looking for a new point of view on the topic they regularly blog about.

    I agree, social media sharing and interaction in comments is mandatory for guest bloggers. A simple question, “Will I post this on my money site?” is good enough for a guest blogger to know whether the content he/she has written is good enough.

  19. This is great post and tips are really good, like you mentioned, we need to be careful when accepting guest posts,thnx for this nice share atish

  20. soniya sharma says:

    Hi Atish , Really Thats True That Guest Posting is the best method to get the traffic on your site. and It gives the Backlink also but your content should be uniquely and original. Guest posting is really effective to increase the traffic. I am totally agree with you. Nice tips. well thanks for sharing with us.

    • Thanks Soniya sharma for your comment. Guest posting is indeed the best way to build quality link as well as trust.

  21. Samuel Decosta says:

    This is perfect information about guest blog posting. I also agree with the point of @jignesh regarding “relationship with blogger before submitting your guest post”. This is the point which is missing in gets blogging and trust on fake bloggers. A Guest poster should be active in his post and be available in response to a particular comment on his / her post.

    • Yes relationship is the key in blogging. I agree that if you do guest post on a blog then its your duty to reply to each and every comment.

  22. Can you please also share how to setup our blog to accept guest posting? Including what plugins to use and thing to take care and so on?

  23. Anyone can do guest blogging campaign, but for best conversion, we should write about practical tips that help readers and the articles in uniquely written with proper grammatical and punctuations.

    We do not promote links with crappy guest posts, it wont convert any more and no one can like and share the post. Coz people share the posts for the trust with the blog owner and the guest blogger.

    So we should attract everyone here.

    • Ofcourse guest blogging is not all about getting backlinks. It’s for your personal branding too. If you post crappy content then your personal branding will get hurted.

      Thanks for your comment Naveen.

  24. Blogging Tips says:

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