Social PPC is an Effective Digital Marketing Scheme – Know More

A number of businesses rely on the social media platform for promoting their content and advertisements. Pay per click or PPC is one of the oldest schemes of digital marketing that has achieved an overwhelming response from users all over. Displaying ads by paying search engines is one of the ways in which search PPC […]

Why You Need to Re-Evaluate the Security of Your Passwords

How vigilant are you when it comes to password security? A recent ruling highlighted the importance of protecting your privacy and the potential consequences if you do not. This past summer, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit interpreted the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act in way that sparked wide controversy. The […]

Top Money – Sharing Services and Apps

The Internet has become an indispensable part of our lives. Some people access it at home, but so many of us cannot spend even few hours without surfing the Internet. People visit their favorite haunt using different gadgets, such as smartphones. In the USA alone, people check their smartphones up to 46 times per day, […]

Social Media: Why Sharing Your Personal Stories is Not Necessarily Harmful

With so many of us being dead against posting our personal stories on Facebook, Twitter and other digital networking channels, let us tell you that there’s a new study which suggests that posting our personal stories on makes it easier for us to recall them. The entire process of documenting these stories, sharing them with […]

9 Tips to Help You Build a Better Blog and Make More Money

There is a variety of ways to build an online business: from eCommerce websites selling products to making a money making blog, the possibilities are endless. As long as you can grab the attention of your potential visitors, there is a chance to make money. And that’s the idea behind SEO practices. Search engine optimization is […]

Social Media: Why You Need It and How to Manage It

Social media is the combined platform of several different websites, from Facebook to Pinterest. Businesses with some technology expertise have infiltrated these sites where their name has become a common sight. Other companies, however, have yet to dive into this lucrative pool. It’s time to understand social media and its impact on business. You need […]

3 Simple & Effective Ways To Protect Your Online Privacy In 2016

Some people felt that the Edward Snowden revelations in 2013 would be a tipping point. Surely after the world became aware of the extent of the secret surveillance of online activity of the entire US population, things would have to change. In many ways they were right, but perhaps not in the way they expected. […]

How to Quickly Create an App for Your Business Without Compromising Quality

The application marketplace is widely known to be a highly competitive place for entrepreneurs to survive, especially it goes for newcomers. It is overcrowded by thousands of apps with pretty similar features. And as there is nothing new under the sun, to deliver your app to the market before your competitor does, becomes crucial for […]

The 5 Best Tools to Customize Your Social Media Experience

As the revolution took place in the world of internet, we can see how important social media has become for common men to businessmen. We can add social media to the list of our basic necessity as people are highly addicted to it. Instead of discussing its pros and cons let’s move to the point […]

Why Knowledge Management Has Become such a Crucial Tool for the Success of Many Businesses

Knowledge Management is a data gathering/analytical process whereby a company utilizes all the available information streamlined by multiple and multi-varied online sources in order to improve its decision-making capabilities and infrastructure to the benefit of their customers and business clients. More and more companies are using the help of experts and specialised software systems for […]