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  1. Every new and old Facebook user should be given Facebook privacy test, then only their accounts will be secure 🙂

    • I think you are right because a novice user might not know enough about Facebook Security. Thanks for your valuable comment.

  2. Nice tutorial. One more thing There is an option in facebook in which you need to register your system. When you enable the option then when you log into your facebook account then it asks you to enter the device name and as you enter a device name it sends a notification to your phone that this devices logged into your system. This can be helpful and saves you from getting hacked many times.

  3. Nice article clearly explained each and every things there were few points that were new to me and well presented article

  4. Satyakam @ Grassroots marketing says:

    Wow! Nice tutorial, Ayush. I think we should chose a strong Password too in order to secure our Facebook Account. And I believe that Securing Facebook Accounts is indeed necessary to do so because Our facebook Account are connected to our commercial and professional lives and purposes.

    Thanks for the awesome post and I hope my face account would also be safe for long times. 😀

    • Yes, you are right Saykam. Secure password should be the first priority. Thanks for liking my post.

  5. Rizwan Sultan says:

    No doubt nice tips but I am already familiar with this functionality but it’s really helpful for newbies Facebook user.

  6. Hi Ayush, You came up with a great tutorial. I think securing facebook Account is indeed important for every person. As even I have to do all important things using Facebook Accounts only and talk to my clients and make all kinds of important and confident deals there. Your tips would help me to secure my account, at least. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  7. I use approval of tags. very useful for me in controlling what goes on my wall/

  8. Sanjib Saha says:

    This is a great( read very very helpful) post. Now-a-days facebook has become privacy killing media. And it is really important for us to protect our account. Thanks for those tips. I loved reading the article.

  9. Most of the facebook users are worried about the security features provided by the facebook. Its a fact that facebook account could be easily hacked if users didn’t takes proper security actions.